Automatic Case Closing, Good Idea Or Not?

Closing cases automatically is a highly debated topic in almost every support forum. In a previous post I wrote about closing cases before receiving the customers’ consent for doing so. That post was written from a purely high-complexity, enterprise support perspective.

A recent question on linkedin’s ASPI group (highly recommended) led me to think about this question in more detail and try to determine times when closing cases automatically can be a good idea. After some thought I arrived at a model that attempts to distinguish between the nature of the technology supported and the nature of the customer relationship:

One distinction the model does not make is whether support is waiting on additional information or confirmation whether a solution worked or not. This can determine the amount of time before closing the case or the number of reminders before closing the case

Do you close cases automatically? How do you determine when to close them? Do you issue reminders automatically? Is there human intervention or other input to the decision? How many of these cases are eventually reopened?

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