What We Read This Week, 19 December 2014:

What’s Lost When Experts Retire – Knowledge Management and Retention are key for every support manager and we usually spend significant amounts of time and effort ensuring knowledge is well documented and shared. This post touches on a different perspective of departing employees and the knowledge they take with them (HBR).

Measuring Customer Value in Experience?Wim Rampen is a very thoughtful blogger on customer service and interaction. In this post he describes the current state of customer value definitions and how it fails – I am waiting eagerly for the next post in this series

Skype’s newest app will translate your speech in real time – Supporting customers in other countries has always been a challenge for companies with smaller, single-country operations. While still in the future, skype Translator can transform that part of the support business in a very profound manner (The Verge).

Who Will Make Money in the IoT Gold Rush? – Internet of Things is one of the hottest discussion topics in recent memory. In the post, the author reviews some of the business challenges surrounding IoT and tries to predict the winners. I believe the jury is still out on the business models and technologies for enterprise class IoT implementations (sandhill.com)

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