What We Read This Week, 12 December 2014, Math Edition:

This week I’d like to recommend two longer form articles touching on slightly mode complex mathematical topics. I believe each of these articles is very pertinent to managing customer support, and specifically to measuring and thinking about our workload:

First, I’d like to recommend Log-normal Distributions across the Sciences: Keys and Clues(pdf). It touched on an alternative method of measuring populations different to the very common Gaussian system we are all very familiar with. The following image compares the two distributions:

I am sure the image on the right is very familiar to many of us. The firs example that comes to mind is the number of cases closed vs. their age.

The second post I’d like to share this week is The Power of Power Laws from John Hagel‘s blog, Edge Perspectives. Power last distribution is sometimes knows as Pareto Distribution, or the 80/20 rule:

This post establishes some solid foundations for thinking about Power Law distribution which we should all be familiar with.

I’ll return to these two concepts in a future post and discuss how we can use them to greater benefit in managing support operations.

Image source for both images: Wikimedia.

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