What We Read This Week, 5 December 2014:

Managing 3 Types of Bad Bosses – Pretty self explanatory title. How many of us have encountered one or more of these types in our career? (HBR).

Customer Service Needs to Be Either More or Less Robotic – An excellent HBR blog post discussing the decision making latitude given to customer facing agents. It may be more relevant to those of us serving consumer products, but a worthwhile reading for everybody. If you have time, Masahiro Mori’s linked article, The Uncanny Valley, on IEEE Spectrum is a good use of it

David Kay has an excellent post about the cost of failure and makes an interesting point that cheap failure is a learning experience.

Last, ASP has announced their 2015 Ten Best Support Sites competition. I had the privilege of judging over the last two years and plan to do so this year as well, together with many other support leaders and influencers. Don’t miss this opportunity of having your website reviewed and the valuable feedback you will receive.

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