What we read this week, 14 November 2014:

How can a customer journey lead to data enlightenment? – Mapping and instrumenting the customer journey through the company’s multiple touchpoint, and some ket points to consider (mycustomer.com)

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value – decisions about customer tier and service levels are frequently driven by the ability to predict customers’ lifetime, or long term, value. Frequently this prediction is based on past experience, “our best customers will continue to be our best customers.” The article describes a statistical model used to analyze those predictions and the challenges in doing that. Key quote: “We found that best customers continued to be best customers at a much lower rate than we expected […] If a significant proportion of future best customers comes from past poor customers, you risk losing them.” (Kellogg Insight)

How to Get People to Like You: 7 Ways From an FBI Behavior Expert – several helpful tips on creating rapid rapport with strangers (Time)

Are these the five biggest hurdles to successful customer service? – a good summary of common customer service failures in execution and management (mycustomer.com)

Don’t Be a Metrics Slave – Support organizations are highly instrumented organizations and easy to measure, and frequently metrics are used poorly to the detriment of all involved. This article points to several common pitfalls I have seen a number of people fall into frequently (Enterprise Irregulars)

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