Product Design and Customer Satisfaction

Rugby Player scoring a Try!

The usually excellent Barry Ritholtz posted a massive rant against the location of the power switch on his MacBook Air laptop, ending with the promise to reconsider the purchase of additional computers, with this flaw being the driver.

In support we come across similar situations regularly, especially with smaller implementations, where customers find that certain product features diminish the value they can derive to the point of eliminating all value generated by the product. Those customers also make it a point to tell us about it. This raises several questions. First concerns the mechanism for disseminating customer feedback into the decision making ranks. The second looks for a way to evaluate the scope of the problem (or in other words, what part of the customer base is affected by the problem and to what degree?)

Now, how would you address the challenge from Mr. Ritholtz? Obviously there is a range of options to handle the individual customer, but I am curious about methods to convert feedback into actionable information. Any ideas?

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