Monthly Archives: January 2015

What We Read This Week, 9 January 2015:

Who Provides Tech Support for the Internet of Things? – The writer examines the challenges associated with supporting the massively connected Internet of Things (HBR)

The Baffling Advances of Social Customer Service – The always excellent Esteban Kolsky on Social Customer service, and whether companies need to be where their customers are.

Customer Loyalty in the B2B World: What Does it Mean, and How to Achieve It – a marketing oriented discussion on managing and increasing customer loyalty. The main point, IMO, is the need to identify the influencers, a point I made on this blog as well as in several online discussions concerning customer satisfaction (

What We Read This Week, New Year 2015:

Happy New Year Everybody!

Are Ideas Killing Our Organizations? – presents the well known principle that it’s better to test an idea rather than fully develop it to perfection over a much longer period of time (Forbes)

False positives and false negatives in predicting customer lifetime value – Customer Lifetime Value has become very important as SaaS delivery gains prominence. Arie Goldshlager presents the potential errors and risks in this field. I recommend also visiting the article on which the post is based, here.

6 Tips For Managing Worldwide Offices – pretty self explanatory title, with very useful tips for those if us managing multiple locations and cultures (InformationWeek)

“Your Product is a Piece of Sh#t” – on the HootSuite blog, by their CEO Ryan Holmes on the company’s response to customer criticism

See the Experience You Are Giving Customers – Service Blueprinting is a very useful way of visualizing service experiences. This post provides an excellent insight into the discipline (Center for Services Leadership).