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Comments Now Require Signing-In


Even though the blog enjoys a regular following, the number of non-spam comments has been minimal while spam comments have been in the thousands every month. To make administration easier, users wishing to leave a comment will be asked to sign in with their wordpress credentials before doing so.

We Are Back!

Start again.

Apologies for the long absence. The blog now celebrates its return and will resume semi-regular posting. We will be reviewing learnings from the last year as well as observations from the enterprise support industry as we did in the past.

As always, any suggestions, questions or requests are welcome!

Admin: We Have Moved


The blog has moved from being hosted on to independent hosting and can now be reached at All content and subscriptions should remain the same, but if you notice anything odd please let me know, either through the ‘talk to me‘ page or by leaving a comment here.